Through efficient and scientific management of elections and electoral rolls, the Election Commission of India (ECI) has played a key role in strengthening the Indian democracy. Inspired by its vision on the philosophy of democracy as well as on the multifarious aspects of democratic ethos and operations, including most importantly, efficient and flawless delivery of free and fair elections, the ECI established the India International Institute of Democracy and Election Management (IIIDEM) in June 2011.

The establishment of IIIDEMstems from the realization of modern India's founding fathers and constitution architects that free, fair credible and professionally managed elections form the bedrock of a vibrant democracy.The Institute is an instrument for the ECI to continually keep its tools of election management and democracy sharp, ready, and up-to-date.

Presently, the IIIDEM is housed in the premises of the ECI. The development of a full-fledged campus of the Institute is underway at Dwarka (Delhi) just 5 kms. away from the Indira Gandhi International Airport.


Realizing an era of true democratic values and principles by reinforcing honest, firm and transparent electoral systems and processes, addressing emerging challenges with foresight, clarity and strength.


To fully sensitize, motivate,prepare and mobilize the machinery as well as the stakeholders of elections and democracy, synergistically connecting them to the ideals and values of these themes, helping them overcome shortcomings and challenges and achieve their goals in these domains by getting properly oriented and amply inspired, energized and equipped.


To train the electoral machinery in the delivery of free, fair and flawless elections.To orient stakeholders of the democratic and electoral systems toward possibilities of better and more productive delivery therein.To explore and expand the horizons of intellectual know-how in these fields.

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