International Courses: Module 1 - Basic Course on Election Management

Objective of the Course To build capacity of participants in various electoral activities an EMB has to perform, and expose them to the international standards and best practices.
Course Content All topics related to election management covering the best practices, international standards etc. Including:
  1. Electoral systems
  2. Strategic and operational planning
  3. Voter registration
  4. Free & fair elections and international standards
  5. Gender and elections
  6. Party finance and campaign finance
  7. Campaign expenditure monitoring
  8. Voter education
  9. Technology in election
  10. Codes of conduct
  11. Out-of country voting
Methodology Lectures, group exercises, presentations, brain storming, experience sharing, hands-on mock exercises and end-of-training tests.
Trainees Officials of EMBs
Duration 2 weeks including field visits