International Courses: Module 2 - Voter Registration

Objective of the Course To build capacity of EMBs for preparation and maintenance of an accurate and updated electoral roll.
Course Content All topics related to registration of voters which Include:
  1. International standard for voter registration
  2. Type of voter registers
  3. Computerization of roll - Electoral Roll Management Systems (ERMS)
  4. Online voter registration
  5. De - duplication of names in the voter list
  6. Statistical tools to improve health of the voter list
  7. Identification of voter - manual, photo ID card, fingerprints and iris scans
  8. Voter education for registration
  9. Inclusive registration
  10. Polling station area demarcation - use of GIS
Methodology Lectures, group exercises, presentations, brain storming, experience sharing, hands-on mock exercises and end-of-training tests.
Trainees Mid-level officers of EMBs
Duration 2 weeks including field visits