International Courses: Module 6 – Grievance Redressal Mechanism

Objective of the Course To build capacity of EMBs to plan and implement preventive measures to reduce complaints and also speedy disposal of the complaints received in an impartial manner.
Course Content All topics related to grievance reduction and impartial speedy disposal of complaints, including:
  1. Preventive Action - Vulnerability Mapping, Preventive Measures, Appointment of Observers, Micro-Observes and Sector Officers, Deployment of Security Forces
  2. Transparency in the entire Electoral Process
  3. Conflict Resolution
  4. Complaints Receipt and Disposal Mechanism - Use of SMS, Internet in Complaints Disposal
  5. Quick Response
  6. Time Bound Disposal
  7. Codes of Conduct
  8. Election Petitions
Methodology Lectures, group exercises, presentations, brain storming, experience sharing, hands-on mock exercises and end-of-training tests.
Trainees Mid-level officers of EMBs
Duration 1 weeks including field visits